Monday, August 29, 2011


I’m a sinner; a liar and a thief
Matter of fact the truth is I’m a hypocrite
I do whatever I want to; knowing the opposite is right,
But I do it anyway, and don’t feel contrite.

Yeah I pray; when I remembered to that is,
And I always prayed only for the things I need
Seriously, who gives a hoot about world peace?
If I can’t make money from it, definitely not me!

I stole money from friends, relatives even enemies
If you weren’t useful you couldn’t be a ‘friend’ to me
When I smiled at you, it was for my advantage
Never did no favors if I could see nothing to gain

Was ‘friends’ with prostitutes but not the Jesus way,
But because the sex was cheaper that way
And really every time I did it I felt so grey
But I had smothered my conscience, it had nothing to say

I embraced envy, jealousy, greed and strife
Lust; sleeping with her though she was not my wife
Lost; I wandered back and forth in the rain
Find the way home I would, and then intentionally get lost again

Went to church; never did that because of the girls,
But because of the words the pastor said
But the more I went the lonelier I became
Left adrift in my sea of sin and shame

Tossed back and forth; because I had no cause
No purpose; seemed to me I was cursed
The storm got worse, the rain slashed fiercely down
Suicide became an option; since I was going to drown

Then I raised my voice and screamed for help
Praying to be delivered from the depths of hell
For my life boat just to make it over the next swell
For anything at all that would give me rest

It did come, but not at all what you’d expect
No flashing lights or sirens, no special effects
It did not even bother to announcing itself to me
I just suddenly found that all was still

Around me there was a calming presence, sure and true
Did not feel like anything I knew, through and through
I said ‘thanks’ and leaned back, to enjoy again
I saw the pain in His eyes and He began to leave

“Don’t go! I still need you around;
“The storm will come again; how will I make it to ground?”
He smiled. ‘It’s your choice really. Ask me to stay and I will;
Just don’t struggle with me for control of the wheel.”

This is a message for me as much as for you,
Nothing gives peace like Jesus I know that to be true
So when I find myself stuck; with my life afloat
I know its ‘cos I don’t have Jesus in my boat.