Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have to be honest. I love DMX.

And I'm not saying 'no homo'. Make whatever you will of that.

Of course, you know I mean DMX the rapper. His distinct voice, that dog like growl, the way he puts his opinions down...those are a bit of the things that make him unique.

Also...let's not forget the former aptitude for jail term and legal trouble...having spent most of the last five years or so (I think) going from one jail into another. But that's not why I'm writing this.

A lot of people describe DMX as 'confused' or 'battled by demons (aren't we all)' and a few other colorful monikers over the years...due to his lyrics...album art and even aggresive nature. And while I agree with some of the tags, I feel like people miss the point.

My personal reason why DMX remains one of my top 5 rappers dead or live is because he's so introspective....thoughtful and lucid.

Anyone who knows me and reads this blog would know those are; at least, qualities we share.

A lot of DMX's lines, songs and lyrics inspire me, but probably my greatest reference to his work would be a line in the seventh track on his first album...It's Dark and Hell Is Hot - the track titled 'Let Me Fly'.

The lyrics I'm talking go thus:

be like what of his birth
Was a miscarriage and I never existed
Have I given something that have been taken away you
would of missed it
Didn't know, did I persisted?
It was the call of the wild
I'm here to say what's in my heart, and you call it a style
Don't put it in the cage, don't mistreat it
You say you hunger for knowledge, here it is eat it
Another song completed is another thought captured

I keep thinking; mostly of those lines "What if his birth/was a miscarriage/and he never existed/has he given something that if taken away/you'd have missed it/"

Has he?

Have I?

Ultimately I believe in God; which means I believe in a grand design and all that stuff.

Which means I am concerned with my significance; if any.

Do I have any purpose? Am I fulfilling my purpose?

If I did not exist; would you miss me?

IF YOU did not exist; would anyone miss you?

Some Big Mac/KFC largest-bucket size food for thought...


  1. Food for thought indeed. I do believe in living a purposeful life.