Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hansel and ...

Dark clouds in the morning don’t always mean rain

It may mean the sun just wasn’t up early today

Because it’s hard to keep shinning when people complain

When people refuse to see all you illuminate

You bring warmth; all they feel is heat

You bring honesty; they say you should be more discreet

It’s really lonely being you sometimes

They can’t see how much of an effort it takes to smile

Don’t worry; forget the cliche, it’ll all be fine

Through the good and bad; keep your hand in mine

Maybe this ‘evil stepmother’ of a life let you out

But be sure I’m here holding your hand; no doubt

Sometimes there may be no breadcrumbs in sight

And the little left all swallowed up by night

But be sure; I’m here holding on to what you have

You can smile; we’ll get home no matter where we are

Have your back…always.

written for the usual suspect


  1. oh my God,Seun,yhu just made me cry,since last night,I've been crying and telling God to just lemme sleep and not wake up coz I'm tired of all these haters around,even when I try to please them,they say I'm pretending,when I'm myself,they say all kinda things and it aches me when a member of my family joins in the talk,I have even stopped going to church coz there is the worst,i just want to run away,serzly I don't know what to do.
    But thank you,seun thanks loadz,yhu know i've not visited blogger for a while even after i saw yhur tweet i still didnt get it but i decided to just drop by,i know this one is for me and i love it and i love it and i love you.I know yhu understand how i feel,yes i'm tired of illuminating,but i'll hold on coz i know yhu care and yhu are patting my back.
    I'm crying and smiling and all i can say is thanks,.
    I'm going to post this on Ns;it's been so long there but this will do,then I'll print it out and paste it wher i will always see it.
    From my heart,God bless yhu.
    P.s-Hansel,yhu sure dont want to know.

  2. I'm glad i was able to evoke so much emotion in you with a few lines and words...

    I hope you're good now. Do take care of you.

  3. Dark clouds don't always mean rain. Absolutely.

    A cool poem. Thanks for sharing.