Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Blues

I have a small idea how it feels to be sidelined from something you created. I introduce two people to each other...and then they hit it off and you gradually fade into the background...

I know...i know; sometimes your purpose is just to introduce two people and you MOVE ON while they stay together...but sometimes, the human us can be really unreasonable.

Anyways...i'm talking about the reason why we hear all those Christmas songs at night now...why there are glittering lights like everywhere...lights that look curiously like winking fireflies, looking really fly and stuff. I'm talking about Christmas & Christ. my humble uninformed opinion, being an atheist and celebrating Christmas is like being a man and missing your menstral period; absolutely absurd. What the hell would that be classified as; mild insanity or total complete kolo?!?!?!

Do you think it is fair...with all the bullshit the western world is/keeps propagating as 'the spirit of Christmas'? Which kain yeye spirit be that one...ogbanje or mammi water?!?! Nuts!!!

I mean...if you do not believe in it..don't knock it. Respect the people who believe in it...respect them enough to leave it alone.

Bottom line; you do not believe in the birth of a baby sent to redeem the world; Christmas is NOT for you.



  1. Me,I dont like christmas,sad memoirs but I believe in it nywaiz.
    Good post,reply my mail now???merry x-mas


    HOW NA?!?!

  3. And you did not reply my last question on your blog...

  4. I've not seen the replies oh,I've not,sure you sent it to the right addy?
    Yea that last line,it's not for you,it's one Seun Odukoya I met on NS.''wink''

  5. Yes...the same one you sent it from!!!

    This is frustrating...three times already.

    Oh ok...lucky guy!!!!!