Monday, September 19, 2011


I know. Now someone wants to kick my head in because I dared call rape an 'irrelevant' issue. Why not? Can I not say what I like?

I mean...a woman can blame a fellow woman for being raped and I cannot say rape is irrelevant? Get real.

After all...if the governor of Abia State and the ABSU counsellor said it was all lies (despite the video and reactions)..if they could be so high-handed about it, why can I not say some stupid shit?

The ABSU counsellor actually said the students are NOT his. Smart man. Bet he's one of those men who actually use 90% of their brain capacity; and therefore knows every student of his school by sight, name AND matric number.

Why ABSU of all schools?!?!

In case you just fell from MARS, the 'rape' I'm talking about would be the August rape of a woman by five 'students' of Abia State University, Nigeria...who had the guts to record and release the video online.

For details:

After all...I'm a man and rape does not affect me. Unfortunately, as retarded as I am, I have conveniently forgotten that I have a sister.

Oops, sorry. Several sisters. Sisters I love so much. Like Gretel. And Abby. And Chinwe. And Uche. And Bimpe. And Bola. many others.

Wetin concern me? Na me say make dem miswaka ni?!

Abegi jo!!!!!

I just realised that people are incredibly daftly creative (that would be an oxymoron for intelligently retarded) a great governor saying such a saddening thing is the work of his 'political detractors'. How could he have thought that up? I would think that his political detractors would think rape is a small fry for bringing down a governor...or are the bomb blasts and all that other 'creative' stuff only reserved for the president?

I'm just saying.

And all those people like me...wey ovasabi (over mumu actually), talking all sorts of nonsense on twitter and other 'social networks'...I just remember say animals plenty wey look like human beings. In the words of Fela...'animal in human skin'.

I am one of those people who think rape is boring. I mean...why force someone to give something to you if you can simply ask for it?

But of course...I'm not into domination (except it's dominating my laziness) so therefore I really can't judge people by what gets them off. But if what gets you off is against/threatens someone else's safety, isn't there/shouldn't there be some sort of law against that?

But again, what do I know? I'm just a retarded writer who does not care about issues until they directly affect him.

Shout out to all you fellow retards out there. May you not learn the worst way that you need to smarten the fuck up or shut the fuck down.


  1. hmm,dunno what to say,first,love you too,next I think you are actually retarded,lol don't mind me I got your point, it's rather infuriating

  2. Hmm...I am still speechless on this matter. God help us.