Wednesday, September 28, 2011



I am being challenged within an inch of my creativity.

I'm reading a book right now; Gadsby, a 5000 thousand word book; a book written in 1939 by a gentleman named Ernest Vincent Wright. It's a short story or novella; whichever one applies, and the most incredible, mouth-hanging-open, jaw-dropping, stunning part of the whole story is...HE WROTE THE ENTIRE THING WITHOUT USING THE LETTER 'E'.

Of course, the letter pops up a few times but ONLY in the introduction; which explains how and why he did it. The man actually tied down the letter 'e' on his traditional typewriter so that the letter would not pop up mistakenly.

This art is called 'lipogramming'...under the larger umbrella of 'constrained writing'.

I'm impressed.

And I'm challenged.

Anybody who follows my writing would have observed that I try to do new things; not conform to any law or structure or form of writing...and therefore I am now inspired and challenged to create my own lipogram/constrained writing opus.

I am going to pursue this challenge/goal I have set for myself; and hopefully inspire others to also try and reach farther than they ever thought possible. Because you see, of what use is living if we refuse to leave our conform/comfort zones?

I would also like to think that this sums up my life; doing/trying new things...always trying to reach farther than I did the last time. Of course; with God's help.

You never know till you try. Aim for the next gallaxy. If you miss, you'll end up in THIS gallaxy, but amongst it's stars. That's what I believe.

What do you believe?

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